Results of Emergency Preparedness Survey Returned

Results from the Emergency Preparedness Survey, developed and distributed by MNBC’s new Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) and circulated in February and March, have come in. The questionnaire was undertaken to gather data to better understand the needs and challenges faced by Métis Chartered Communities in emergency preparedness and response.

MNBC’s Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) was initiated in late fall of 2020. One objective of this Cabinet Committee is to identify systems and enhance efforts to better support Chartered Communities and Métis Citizens in emergency preparedness and readiness in the event of future disasters.

Several virtual meetings and workshops were held over the past few months and an online survey was issued to all registered Métis Citizens. This survey was a crucial instrument used to access local feedback, concerns, and experiences in a short timeframe. This survey also included additional questions specifically for individuals in senior positions that represent Métis Citizens from a provincial, regional and/or local level.

The project included an assessment and facilitation process of existing conditions, emergency response capabilities, program status and identification of challenges for Métis Citizens regarding emergency operations. This preliminary assessment is important, and will help build a framework for delivering effective emergency support for MNBC that supplements the existing systems – managed by the local, regional and provincial government. This infographic highlights some of the key findings and results. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this research phase as MNBC develops an emergency support framework that best supports Métis Citizens at the local level. A big thank you to Urban Systems for their professional guidance and support throughout this process. A more detailed report with recommendations will be released in the near future.

Read a summary of the results here or by clicking on the image below.