Report on Home Garden Pilot Project 2021

Food insecurity has been increasing in recent years and has been further exacerbated in 2020/2021 by COVID-19. Climate change and other factors will influence this in the upcoming years as well. The MNBC Cabinet and community members have identified food security as a key priority to focus future initiatives. The home garden pilot project (HGPP hereafter) was developed and launched by The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Métis Rights in response to requests for Métis people to be more self-sufficient in food security. The project was supported through the ISC COVID-19 needs-based funding and included 100 Métis households throughout the province. 

The HGPP was launched in Spring 2021. In August 2021, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Métis Rights conducted a survey to determine the success of the project. This report summarizes the project, details the results of the survey, concludes the success of the project and makes recommendations for improvements to the project to develop into a larger program.