MNC Board Resolution – Carried March 25, 2021

“MNBC’s Board of Directors, CEO, Senior Directors, and the entire professional public service staff have been hard at work meeting the needs of our Métis people through the COVID pandemic. From organizing the first virtual AGM, providing direct funding through our rent supplements, or coordinating vaccine sign-ups, they have been working diligently. To hear that MNC did not involve our well qualified staff or any of our active Board members in the process when submitting a budget on behalf of MNBC is disheartening. We are supposed to be one nation, united, but the MNC continues to act alone and without input on the nearly 90,000 Métis in B.C. who MNBC represents. This must stop, and MNC must include our staff and team moving forward. No one person speaks for Métis Nation B.C. This year, for the first time ever, we held a consultation with Chartered Community Presidents on our historic $79-million budget. This is the opposite of what MNC has done, acting as if one individual speaks for the entire nation. This is not how democracy works, and MNC needs to include the entirety of MNBC moving forward. We are all in this together. The below motion was passed unanimously at our last Board meeting on March 25.” – Acting President Lissa Dawn Smith on behalf of the MNBC Board of Directors