MNBC Social Media Policy

Over the last few weeks, a number of citizens have reached out to MNBC with concerns around comments and posting on MNBC’s social media pages. MNBC takes these complaints very seriously, and has developed a formal social media moderation policy that will govern our pages. There will be no tolerance of any kind for individuals who deviate away from these rules. MNBC’s pages are intended to foster a safe community to inform the nation of what is happening at MNBC, free of bullying or harassment.

Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated.

Unlawful and inappropriate content does not belong on MNBC’s pages and will not be submitted for posting. This includes any content that:

  1. contains profanity or is defamatory, threatening, hateful, personally disparaging, harassing, indecent, vulgar, obscene, illegal, immoral or sexually explicit (partially masking profanity or other unacceptable language by substituting asterisks or other symbols into a word is not acceptable if the word remains recognizable);
  2. is disrespectful of MNBC staff;
  3. contains information about, or images (e.g., photographs, videos or illustrations) of, any individual other than the individual submitting;
  4. impersonates another individual, living or dead;
  5. attempts to make contact with a minor;
  6. advertises any product, individual, organization or other entity, or directs attention to another website for personal gain;
  7. provides links to, or information about, other sites that contain unlawful, objectionable or inappropriate content;
  8. contains long embedded URLs, excessive links, code or other materials that could compromise the integrity or security of the pages;
  9. appears to be spam-like messaging or repeat postings;
  10. is far off-topic or intentionally disrupts a discussion; or
  11. makes unproven or unsupported accusations against individuals, groups or organizations.

Any concerns you may have about content posted by you, or about inappropriate content posted by others, should be sent by email to, citing the date and author of the content in question.

We gratefully acknowledge BC Government’s Ministry of Citizen Services, Government Digital Experience Division, for their social media policy template.