MNBC Proclaims April 23 as Wahkohtowin Day

In celebration of the Wahkohtowin (Registry Renewal) Project, MNBC’s Board of Directors proclaimed April 23, 2021 as ‘Wahkohtowin Day’ during their Board meeting held on March 25, 2021.

Wahkohtowin is a Cree word that means the interconnected nature of relationships, communities, and natural systems. Its literal meaning is kinship,” but it is often used to refer to Cree law or Cree codes of conduct.

The goal of the Wahkohtowin Project is to improve customer service to our citizens with less application and renewal processing times. This will be accomplished through the use of digital files allowing for faster and more secure processing, updated equipment, and further staffing supports for Central Registry.

 The Wahkohtowin Project Includes:

  • replacing the current registry database with up-to-date technology;
  • digitization of over 30,000 central registry citizenship and harvesting files;
  • additional staffing levels for improved customer service and processing times;
  • online citizen address updating;
  • newly design and enhanced citizenship cards; and
  • a chance to be the first Indigenous government to go paperless within five years.

Read more about the Wahkohtowin (Registry Renewal) Project here.

This is the first official proclamation from MNBC to recognize a day of importance to the Nation. In the coming months, MNBC will develop a formal set of guidelines that will allow Citizens to submit proclamations for the Board of Directors to consider.

MNBC’s Board of Directors and staff wore shirts to work to commemorate the first annual Wahkohtowin Day on April 23.