MNBC Minister of Education Statement on K-12 Funding Announcement

MNBC Minister of Education Debra Fisher released the following statement in response to today’s BC Government announcement on K-12 COVID funding:

“Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) is extremely disappointed in the province’s recent decision to exclude the Metis Nation from funding to keep our Metis students safe during the pandemic. The province received $121.1 million in federal funding for Phase 1 and the announcement today includes an additional $121.1 million, of which $8.2 million was allocated to First Nations, which MNBC fully supports.”

“Ignoring the Métis Nation has been a consistent and long-standing policy of successive governments in the province. The current government is once again excluding the Métis Nation in their reconciliation efforts. The province has committed to improving relationships with Indigenous people in British Columbia and agrees that a distinctions-based approach is needed to recognize the unique rights, interests, and circumstances of Metis people. MNBC is not being recognized and has not been given the unique right to support our Metis students in British Columbia.”