Métis Women British Columbia (MWBC) and Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) have secured funding of $800,000 to go towards additional programming and engagement with Métis youth and women in the province. This investment come as part of the historic 2021/2022 Operating Budget which will invest over $79 million into building stronger communities and a stronger MNBC.

Of the total amount of funding secured, $225,000 will go towards programing and campaigns developed by the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity.

The funding includes $312,000 to go directly to youth programs and engagement with the aim of creating a more involved and inclusive youth ministry. Programs will have a focus on areas such as culture, environment, governance, skill building, wellness, mentorship and connection to Elders and peers.

The budget also includes $100,000 towards youth co-ops and research with the aim of creating four-month positions for youth in MNBC ministries and departments. This investment will support career development among Métis youth and foster agency within the Nation by creating work opportunities for young MNBC Citizens within the organization.

“I am so thankful to the tremendous work that MNBC staff have been doing,” said Shaughn Davoren, Minister of Youth and Provincial Youth Chair. “The increased reach that this funding will provide us with will allow us to connect with more youth than ever before. The MNBC youth co-op positions will be a great way for youth who want to give back to the Nation to not only do so, but also increase their professional development and skills. I cannot wait to share these programs in person at our youth events in the future.”

MWBC plans to use $60,000 towards the Sashing Our Warriors campaign, to produce and distribute 12,000 unique lapel sashes to increase awareness of the impact of violence on Métis women and girls. MWBC also secured funding to develop and implement regular regional and community women’s gatherings.

Funding in the amount of $27,000 for the Ministry of Women and Gender Equity’s Okemaw Iskwewak Métis Women Empowerment Project was also secured to elevate and celebrate Métis women in B.C. A further $70,000 of funding will go towards leadership training for women and engagement in communities. The goal is to strengthen women’s abilities through leadership training programs so more will come forward to fill leadership roles like regional and community representatives.

“The Provincial Women’s Council would like to acknowledge all the women who participated in MWBC’s strategic planning session,” said Dr. Kate Elliott, Minister of Women and Gender Equity and Provincial Women’s Chairperson. “It was their voice that helped us be successful with our funding applications. We look forward to supporting Métis women across the province.”