Métis Nation British Columbia’s (MNBC) historic budget, approved this past March, includes a record funding of $972,000 to the Ministry of Environmental Protection to help preserve and conserve the land that Métis people in B.C. engage with.

The investment in environmental protection will strengthen the ability of MNBC to protect our natural resources and Métis way of life. It highlights the key connections that Métis people have with the land, with dedicated funding distributed as follows:

  • $100,000 towards harvesting and land use, including funding for a Harvester Registry, Harvester Database and wildlife conservation management.
  •  $148,000 invested in the Métis Guardians program to assist in biodiversity conservation, stewardship, monitoring, training, and knowledge-sharing, in partnership with Environment and Climate Change Canada.
  • $200,000 funded through two programs supported by Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairstowards climate change programs, including engagement, monitoring and training initiatives.
  • Securing $150,000 dedicated to emergency preparedness so that MNBC is better equipped for emergency management support, structure and delivery in the event of future crises impacting Métis people in B.C.
  • MNBC is also committed to continuing to support BCMANRs work related to their crucial role in the management of natural resources within B.C.

“Métis have a longstanding connection to the land,” says Susie Hooper, MNBC Minister of Environmental Protection. “These investments will help ensure that future generations of Métis people in B.C. can enjoy harvesting and land use opportunities as their ancestors did before them.”

“These programs at MNBC help promote participation in stewardship of the environment,” says Alicia Fernando, member of the Tri-River Métis Association. “Continued promotion of environmental protection and conservation is important as we look many Metis generations into the future and the impacts already being felt by climate change.”

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