MNBC Encourages You to Celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2021

Every year on April 22, Earth Day is celebrated worldwide! This day represents raising awareness among communities about climate change and global warming. Communities are encouraged to take actions towards environmental protection and focusing on conservation. Earth Day inspires to promote clean living and sustainable, healthy habitats for the land, people, and wildlife.

The connection to the land is an integral part of Métis culture and identity. Métis continue to celebrate this connection through sustenance activities (hunting, fishing, gathering, etc.), recreational activities (hiking, camping, etc.) and so much more.

Join the Ministry of Environmental Protection in celebrating Earth Day 2021! Here are a few fun Earth Day activity ideas: 

  • Plant some flowers for bumble bees 
  • Litter pick up 
  • Invasive species removal 
  • Go for a hike 
  • Up-cycle some old jars 
  • Turn off all electronics for 15 minutes in your day 
  • Make a recycling plan with your family/friends 
  • Collect rain water for your garden 
  • Research books about the earth 
  • Go on a plant harvesting walk
  • Plant a tree 
  • Plant some vegetables

We would love to see all the ways you are supporting the environment. Please share with us how you are celebrating by posting a picture with the hashtag #MNBCEarthDay2021.