Ministry of Women & Gender Equity Awarded Funding to Increase Sashing Our Warriors Capacity

Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) is excited to announce that increased funding will be directed to MNBC Chartered Communities to support the hosting of Sashing Our Warriors gatherings.The Sashing Our Warriors Campaign is a grassroots movement that calls attention to the impact of violence on our otherwise invisible Métis women, girls and those who identify with them. Through the power of Métis ceremony, sashing and gifting, we will heal our communities emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Chartered Communities will have the opportunity access materials and seed funding to host Sashing Our Warriors community dialogues and gatherings.

MNBC’s Ministry of Women & Gender Equity was successful in obtaining the funding through the Government of BC’s 2020/2021 Civil Forfeiture Crime Prevention and Remediation Grant Program’s Gender-Based Violence, Violence Against Women, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault stream. The Gender-Based Violence, Violence Against Women, Domestic Violence, and Sexual Assault stream provides one-time funding to proposals that will develop and/or enhance responses to gender-based violence, including violence against women, in communities across British Columbia.

“We are excited to learn about the increased capacity for communities to deliver Sashing Our Warriors campaign,” said Betty Ann McDonnell, Chartered Community President of the Nicola Valley and District Métis Society. “We hold our hands up and are grateful that for the upcoming year, across British Columbia, Métis communities can elevate awareness about how we can prevent violence against Métis women and girls. Sashing Our Warriors is critical to our recovery response after COVID-19, because the violence has increased due to the pandemic protocols that have increased isolation and loneliness.”

“I want to be the first to congratulate the staff at the Ministry of Women & Gender Equity for their work in obtaining this funding,” said Dr. Kate Elliott, MNBC Minister of Women & Gender Equity. “These funds will support our Chartered Communities in the hosting of gatherings that are so important in fostering an environment that calls to attention the importance of protecting our women and girls.”

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