Ministry of Education announces Miyoopimatishihk (Wellbeing) Program for Métis Children

Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) is proud to announce that Métis families with children birth to eight will have access to supports for early childhood development. Métis families can apply for services where they need them, funded directly by MNBC. Any parent or guardian who cares for a Métis child birth to eight years old, is an MNBC citizen or self-identifies as Métis can apply.

“There are many inequities that exist for our Métis children, and the Miyoopimatishihk (Wellbeing) Program will address these inequities,” said Debra Fisher, MNBC’s Minister of Education. “The program was developed by listening to our Métis families and their stories. The Ministry of Education turned their stories into actions, and this program is for them.”

The Ministry of Education will distribute information about the Miyoopimatishihk (Wellbeing) Program to Métis families enrolled in the Métis Family Connections Program. The information will be available on the MNBC website. The Métis Early Years Community Coordinator will assist families with their application and the MNBC Ministry of Education will fund all approved supports.

Elder Stella Johnson has been part of the Métis Early Years team at MNBC since it began.

“Our Métis families with young children have needed access to these supports for a long time and now it is finally happening. They will be so happy,” she said.

Métis families can apply for a wide range of services, including respite care, speech therapy, assessments, mental health support and educational and cultural support. Families can access services up to $5,000 per child. The Ministry of Education recognizes that some children may require multiple supports and services and that each situation will be unique.

Our Métis children and family agencies and our communities are our partners in caring for our Métis children.

“The Miyoopimatishihk (Wellbeing) Program marks the beginning of a journey to ensure all Métis families have access to supports while parenting children with diverse abilities,” said Melanie Hudson, Executive Director, Island Métis Family and Community Services. 

Together, we will support Métis families throughout the province by providing culturally relevant, self-empowering programming and services that focus on developing and maintaining strong Métis families and communities across the lifespan, beginning at birth.

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