Métis Nation British Columbia Responds to Manitoba Métis Federation’s Withdrawal from the Metis National Council

Saskatoon, SK (September 28, 2021) – Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) Acting President Lissa Dawn Smith issued the following statement in response to the Manitoba Métis Federation’s (MMF) recent decision to leave the Métis National Council: 

MNBC is disappointed by the MMF’s decision to abandon the unified voice of the Métis Nation in our pursuit of self-government and progress for every Métis person. It is regretful that this unilateral action by the MMF leaves their citizens without a voice on the national stage. Métis within the province of Manitoba deserve representation at the national level.

MNBC is especially dismayed that the MMF chose to abandon the Métis National Council on the eve of an MNC General Assembly and election that would usher in a new president. After nearly two years of delay since an MNC election was required, our government has spoken clearly on our commitments to democracy and accountability for the MNC. 

In the spirit of Louis Riel and the Legislative Assembly of Assiniboia, we encourage passionate debate in pursuit of good policy. By turning its back on the General Assembly, the MMF has demonstrated it is uninterested in cooperation across the Métis Homeland.

Our entire elected Cabinet is committed to openness and transparency of the highest standard. We look forward to putting this chapter behind us so that MNC can get working on the national stage for the interests of all the governing members. Issues of housing, childcare, health care, and economic development are vitally important and what we need to focus on, not politics. It’s a shame that the MMF would rather play these political games than work together on the common cause of advancing Métis rights in this country.  

For more information please contact Nick Hosseinzadeh at nhosseinzadeh@mnbc.ca