Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) is excited to announce the Kishkayhta (Learn), Kiikew (Heal), Kiihtwaam ooshtaahk (Rebuild) Métis Speaker Series. The Métis Speaker Series is organized by MNBC’s Ministry of Youth around the theme of Métis cultural teachings, healing and rebuilding. This project will assist Métis youth, Chartered Communities and the general public to increase the visibility of Métis people, as well as educate about Métis culture and heritage.

This project is funded through the Government of BC’s Civil Forfeiture Crime Prevention and Remediation Grant Program’s Indigenous Healing stream. The Indigenous Healing stream provides one-time funding to support proposals that address the healing of Indigenous peoples from the impacts of intergenerational trauma, crime or victimization in communities across British Columbia.

“We always talk about how Youth are our future. With this program we hope to build on what they already know as well as teach them skills that will help to ensure that our Youth will be stronger and more versed in their culture to keep on advocating for and pushing our Nation forward in new ways!” said Shaughn Davoren, Minister of Youth.

The goal of the Métis Speaker Series is to create awareness of, and generate discussion about, Métis issues, how to heal from them and how to move forward in a healthy way. We aim to build vibrant Métis communities and empowered Métis youth by promoting education and cultural engagement. This project will connect Métis communities and youth to Métis educators, Elders, and knowledge carriers to have relevant conversations on increasingly important issues.

“The new speaker series is a wonderful opportunity to learn about Métis culture from Elders and other knowledge keepers.” says Justin Turner, MNBC Region 5 Youth Representative. “When we celebrate our culture through storytelling, we are healing the entire Métis Nation.”

The series will be hosted virtually over a three-month period, with each session targeting a specific theme. The sessions will be: Rebuilding Through Leadership, Health and Wellbeing, Environment and Sustainability, Women & Gender Equity, Reconciliation from a Métis Lens, Two-Spirited Champions, Words from an Elder and Healing Through Language Revitalization. The series will be accessible to everyone who registers.

For inquiries, contact Brittney Bertrand at bbertrand@mnbc.ca.