Métis Nation British Columbia Announces the Return of the Ma Niki Home Renovation Program to Aid with Home Improvements

Victoria, BC (November 4, 2021) – Métis Nation British Columbia is proud to announce the return of the Ma Niki Home Renovation Program. To benefit from this program, you or your spouse must be an MNBC Citizen. Thanks to the program’s relaunch, Métis Citizens will have the opportunity to apply for a home renovation subsidy to improve the condition of their owned home. Since the program’s pilot stage, the age requirement of applicants has changed from 65 to 60 years of age, and the income threshold for both single and couple applicants has increased.

Funds for the program are allocated via the Métis-Canada-Housing Sub-Accord. This initiative is part of a bigger goal to reduce the Métis core housing needs by 50% in the next five years.

The Ma Niki Program will provide up to $20,000 per applicant of a non-repayable grant, provided the homeowner(s) retain ownership of their home for at least five years from receipt of the grant; grants are limited to one per household. Additionally, there will be some flexibility to allow urgent repairs and select home adaptations to those that may not fit the age criteria but are within the income threshold to have immediate emergency repairs, approved on a case-by-case basis.

Approved Ma Niki applicants will automatically qualify for the Energy Conservation Assistance Program (ECAP), designed to help income-qualified households receive the same practical energy reduction products and tools and enjoy the same cost savings available to every BC family at no charge to them. ECAP is a program offered by BC Hydro and Fortis BC. 

To date, MNBC has launched several programs to support housing affordability for Métis people in British Columbia. These include rent supplements, utility supplements, emergency housing funds, and land acquisition to build affordable housing. Seventy-five applicants received the Ma Niki grant during the pilot stages.

“Providing support through the Ma Niki Home Renovation Program will allow Métis Citizens the ability to make the key home improvements they need to keep living in their place and adds sustainability to their homes for the long-term,” says Dean Gladue, MNBC Minister of Housing and Homelessness. “The continuation of this program ensures we are taking care of our Métis citizens and their homes well into the future, long live the Métis.”

Program Criteria Overview

• Age of Citizen on general application is minimum of 60 years and older (couples – only one spouse needs to be 60 or older)

• Citizen of MNBC and resident of British Columbia for at least one year

• Property ownership and principal residence

• Mobile or manufactured homeowner on non-owned land also qualify for the program

• Income threshold must be below:

  • Single senior with total gross income of $46,000 per year or less
  • Senior couple with a total gross income of $66,000 per year or less
  • Emergency repairs determined by case-by-case basis and within income threshold

Processing the Ma Niki Renovation Program

• Initial review to ensure the criteria and intended scope of work is within the program requirements 

• Request for quotes will be sent to the applicant, indicating a 45-day deadline for receiving quotes from the date of request for quote. 

• Applications that do not have adequate quotes in by the 45-day deadline will go back into the queue, the next applicant in the queue will be reviewed and contacted for quotes.