Métis Early Childhood Education Professionals Recognition Awards

MNBC’s Ministry of Education is excited to announce an opportunity to recognize Métis Early Childhood Education Professionals for caring for our children. 

The Government of British Columbia has proclaimed the month of May as Child Care Month. In acknowledgement of Child Care Month, MNBC’s Ministry of Education wants to honour those caring for our children. Early Childhood Education Professionals are often not recognized for their hard work and dedication to the caring of children within their community. May is the month to recognize these caring individuals. The Métis Early Childhood Education Professionals play a significant role in providing care to our children and incorporating Métis culture into their environment to create a culturally safe space for Métis children. Their passion for Métis culture and sharing their knowledge with children creates Métis children who have a strong self-identity. 

MNBC’s Ministry of Education wants to thank all of our child care providers and educators for all that they do for children, families and community. We’re asking you to nominate those caring for our children from your community for recognition.

Each Early Childhood Education Professional nominated will be gifted a cultural gift package. In addition, one winner from each of the seven regions will be selected to receive an additional gift and recognition. All nominees and winners will be recognized in a virtual event on May 26, with Elders Bruce Dumont and Stella Erasmus Johnson in attendance.

Please share this nomination form and nominate Métis Early Childhood Education Professionals who are caring for your children. Individuals may be from programs such as child care, Strong Start, preschool, Early Years drop-in, Early Years cultural programming, family child care, after school care or other programs provided by Early Childhood Education Professionals. We look forward to all nominations and the opportunity to recognize those in the community working hard to care for our children. 

How to Nominate
Please fill out the nomination form: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HQWKX6.

The deadline to complete nomination forms is Friday, May 14, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Contact Information
If you have any questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Lisa Lightening at llightening@mnbc.ca or 250-255-0251.