Mental Health and Addiction – Gloria’s Story

Some topics around mental health can feel heavier – this doesn’t mean that these stories shouldn’t be told. Be mindful of your own boundaries as you are taking in these posts. If you need to take a moment to practice self-care and connect with your supports, please do. If you find yourself needing crisis support, please connect with the Métis Crisis Line at 1-833-MÉTISBC (1-833-638-4722).

As we move away from #BellLetsTalk day, dedicated to talking about mental health, we aim to continue the conversation by sharing another story of mental health and addiction with you. This is Gloria’s story, about getting hooked on methamphetamines at the age of 16 and how small changes, a thoughtful social worker and focusing on her children got her through.

“There are a lot of people out there that understand. Even if you’re not ready to make any big changes, that’s okay; little changes matter, and in my story that’s what I did. I made small changes that amounted to the big one.”

Read Gloria’s story HERE or by clicking on the image below.