UPDATED: FAQs: Suspension of Clara Morin Dal Col

FAQs: Suspension of Clara Morin Dal Col UPDATED 02-03-2021

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Has Clara Morin Dal Col been impeached?

No. Clara Morin Dal Col has not been fired, replaced, impeached or removed. She has been suspended, with pay and benefits, of her duties as President.

Why was Clara Morin Dal Col Suspended as President?

Clara Morin Dal Col was suspended (with pay) by the Board of Directors for contravening the Oath of

Office that all elected MNBC Board members signed upon election/re-election in October 2020, as well

as for breaching MNBC’s Board policies and procedures. 

Can you provide more details on why she was suspended?

It would be wrong to prejudice the judicial system (Senate) by commenting in detail.

Under what authority does the Board suspend another Board member? 

Pursuant to Article 25 of the MNBC Constitution, “A person may be suspended from being a Board

Member of the MNBC (Board of Directors), with or without pay, by a vote of the majority of the

Members of the MNBC. A person so suspended by appeal the suspension to the Senate whose decision

shall be final and binding.”


What recourse does Ms. Dal Col have to appeal?

Ms. Dal Col can appeal the suspension to the Senate. The decision by the Senate will be final and binding.

Are there any “non-Métis” elected to the Board of Directors?

All members of the MNBC Board of Directors are MNBC Citizens on the MNBC central registry. All candidates were verified to be MNBC citizens to be eligible to run in the 2020 MNBC election. MNBC’s Board of Directors has full confidence in MNBC’s Central Registry.

What guidelines does MNBC follow for Citizenship? 

MNBC’s registry follows the MNC national guidelines for citizenship, which is based on the National Definition of Métis Identity adopted by the Métis National Council in 2002. The MNBC Board of Directors supports this definition of Métis Identity and Citizenship.

Are there any changes to delivery of services and programs at MNBC?

MNBC’s Board remains committed to supporting our CEO, senior staff, and all the incredible employees at MNBC. MNBC remains committed to supporting our Chartered Communities, Citizens, and all Métis people in BC.

Why is MNBC calling for a meeting of the Board of Governors of the Métis National Council?

MNBC Board members called on President Morin Dal Col to provide answers on a number of questions pertaining to MNC. The questions requested of MNC are below:

  1. Why has the Metis National Council not submitted their Corporate filings for nearly 3 years?  If this is not done by June 2021, we could see the possible collapse of the MNC.  MNBC receives over 50% of funding through the MNC.
  2. MNBC would like to discuss the current MNC funding formula in which MNBC with over 20,000 citizens receives only 12.5%.  Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba each receive 25% and Ontario receives the other 12.5%.  The MNC, which has no citizens takes 10% of the total funding straight from the top.

Is the work at MNBC HQ and Regional Offices impacted?

No. The work at MNBC continues. The MNBC Board is in contact with the CEO and senior staff and continues to be impressed by the volume of excellent work being done at our Nation. MNBC citizens will be excited about the new initiatives and programs that will be announced in the coming days, weeks and months!