Eve of AGM Note

Dear Métis citizens,


Tomorrow, Métis Nation British Columbia, will gather for what is always one of the most important and inspiring events in our calendar year, our Annual General Meeting.

The AGM is important for so many reasons. It gives the staff and directors of our Nation an opportunity to report to our Citizens. It also gives all Métis Citizens an opportunity to provide input and feedback about our Nation, our leadership, our programs and our future.

In this time of COVID, which unfortunately has kept so many of us apart from friends and family, this year’s AGM is also a much-needed opportunity for us all to come together as one Nation, one family, to talk, share stories and share our hopes and dreams for the coming year.

And make no mistake about it, as challenging as this past year has been due to the pandemic, we have so many great stories to share and so much to be proud of. At the Nation level, we’ve secured our largest ever operating budget and are using that funding to do great things, such as:

  • Improving family access to mental health programs and educational supports, speech therapy, medical equipment and other important needs;
  • Expanding our skills training and supports so Métis people can secure long-term, high-paying jobs;
  • Creating a new online citizenship registry to make Métis citizenship easier and faster to obtain;
  • Bringing Métis children from provincial care into the care of Métis Nation BC;
  • Helping Métis seniors renovate and stay in the homes they love;
  • Creating new Cabinet Committees with more opportunities for Citizen participation and feedback;
  • Providing rental and utility assistance to Métis Citizens and businesses; and so much more.

This week’s AGM will give us an opportunity to talk about these and the many other great things we are doing as a Nation. The AGM will also mark an important milestone in B.C. Indigenous history when we hold a historic vote for self-government that will forever protect the rights of Métis Citizens in B.C.

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend as we gather to celebrate our Nation and plan and build its future.


Lissa Dawn Smith

Acting President

On Behalf of the MNBC Board of Directors