Emergency Preparedness Committee (EPC) Survey

While we cannot avoid natural disasters, accidents, and potential tragedies, we can help brace the impact when disasters do occur. Emergency preparedness is the easiest way to lessen the damage to our communities, families, and ourselves. Emergency preparedness refers to the preventative measures taken to reduce the effects of a disaster. The goal of preparing an MNBC specific framework is to create a plan that makes the most of resources and time as well as reducing the efforts needed to keep our community members safe. Being prepared also ensures that our communities are resilient and can bounce back to normal more quickly than would be possible if we were not prepared when potential disaster strikes. 

We invite you to assist us to reach these goals and share your feedback. The purpose of this survey is to gather data to create a path forward for the betterment and improvement of grassroots needs of MNBC and Chartered Communities, for Emergency Management support, structure, and delivery.

If you require any assistance with the survey please contact Genevieve Gratton, email: ggratton@mnbc.ca or phone: 604-557-5851 (EXT. 8221) and she can guide you through the process.