Climate Preparedness Workshop Series Final Report Released

MNBC partnered up with the Fraser Basin Council (FBC) to co-host and co-organize a virtual climate preparedness workshop series, called “Strengthening Our Resilience to Climate Change” back in January.  During these sessions, we: 

  • Learned about climate change projections and future impacts,
  • Shared success stories of Indigenous climate resilience, and
  • Discussed regional priorities in moving forward with climate change preparedness.

Climate change is exposing Métis to changes in weather patterns and more frequent extreme events, placing communities at risk and impacting the health and wellness of community members. Climate change is also affecting ecosystems and the plants, fish and animals that provide food, medicine and culturally-important items. It is important that we prepare for these potential climate impacts. The multi-generational knowledge, skills and experiences of Métis People are needed to make good decisions on how to shift and build resilience in this changing world. 

We want to express our gratitude to the Fraser Basin Council for their dedication and hard work to make these sessions such a success.

Click here to read the full final report here.