Call for Captain Applications

BCMANR is calling for applications for Captain’s of the Hunt for the following regions:

  • Region 1 – Vancouver Island and Powell River
  • Region 3 – Thompson/Okanagan
  • Region 5 – North Central (currently vacant)
  • Region 7A – Omineca (currently vacant)
  • Region 7B – Peace (currently vacant)

To qualify for consideration, you must:

  • Must possess a valid and current MNBC Citizenship Card and a valid and current MNBC Harvesting Card.
    • A minimum of ten years traditional knowledge experience and/or two years of post-secondary education in a related natural resource field and/or other skills as deemed of value to the Captain’s Assembly.
    • Must not have a criminal record for an indictable offence for which they have not been pardoned.
      • Candidates must submit a Criminal Record Check to MNBC in accordance with the MNBC Constitution.
    • Must be a resident of at least nine of the last twelve months, in the BCMANR region they will represent.
    • Cannot have an outstanding debt owing to MNBC/MPCBC.
    • Must not be an elected official from a Métis Chartered Community, Regional Governance Council or the MNBC Board of Directors.
    • Must not be employed by the MNBC/MPCBC.
    • Must be willing and able to travel as necessary.

Please include the following in your application:

  • A short biography, laying out your qualifications for Captain;
    • Copy of your MNBC Citizenship and Harvesting card;
    • A criminal record check for volunteers (acquired through your local RCMP office)

Please submit applications to the Senior Director of Environmental Protection, Leona Shaw, at

Closing date for all applications is February 11, 2022.