BCMANR 20th Anniversary – Mark Carlson

This week we will be honouring Region 4 Captain, Mark Carlson! Mark has been a dedicated Captain for many years – since the conception 20 years ago. Diligently advocating for Métis Harvesting Rights and promoting sustainable land use and harvesting throughout BC. He is an active community member, in Trail, and promotes MNBC and BCMANR at various events and gatherings throughout his region. He is passionate about bringing youth out on the land and introducing them to the Métis way of life and has participated in dozens of youth camps. He is a strong and admired leader and brings a highly respected perspective to any table he participates in. He was awarded the “Order of the Sash” in 2020 for his countless contributions to the Nation over the years.  We appreciate his dedication and connection with the Nation and the communities! Marsii, Mark!

What’s your favorite thing about being a captain? Getting to interview the elders, to hear their history and the knowledge. It is too bad this knowledge is disappearing, so I enjoy talking to them and listening to their stories. 

What does stewardship mean to you? Trying to help the environment and get it back to what it is supposed to be. Giving it a hand, and it needs a lot of hands now. Doing what you can to make it better. 

What made you want to become a captain? Fighting for our inherited rights. I have 4 daughters 10 grand kids, and now I am doing this for my Grandkids.

What are three things you would take with you on a deserted island?  A gun, fishing rod, and company.