BCMANR 20th Anniversary – Darcy Hohnisch

Captain 7a, Darcy Hohnisch 

This week we will be honouring Region 7a Captain, Darcy Hohnisch!  Darcy is passionate about conservation and connecting youth to the land. He is an avid Metis trapper and spends a lot of his time out on his trapline and at his cabin the Omineca region. He has been known to share his knowledge with youth at schools and at various events. You will often find him at various Metis celebrations talking about trapping and leading various demonstrations, sharing his furs and knowledge. He has family connections to Jasper National Park and has supported MNBC in celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day there, as well as at Metis Days in Fort St James, always drawing in the crowds as he demonstrates how to skin a beaver. He advocates for healthy forests, wildlife, and waterways and has recently taken part in the MNBC Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC).  We appreciate his dedication and connection with the Nation and the communities! Maarsii, Darcy!