Once a week for the month of April, we will be showcasing each of our winning 2021 Métis Youth Role Models. Métis Youth British Columbia (MYBC) announced five Métis Youth Role Models, who were identified as outstanding youths in their communities. Métis role models promote healthy lifestyles, Métis culture and awareness; strengthen Métis identity and participate actively in their community.

This week, we are showcasing Scout MacGregor. Her nominator wrote to MYBC:

Métis Nation Columbia River Society (MNCRS) would like to nominate Ms. Scout MacGregor for the MNBC Youth Role Model for 2021. Scout is a very proud and involved Metis Youth.

Scout’s family originated from the Red River Settlement, and she is the oldest of three girls. She graduated from high school in the community of Leduc, Alberta. Her family moved to Golden three years ago, and we are very grateful that she has joined our Métis community.

Scout has been a competitive dancer from a very young age and over the years she learned a wide range of dance styles. She studied Vaganova Ballet and Pointe, Jazz, Lyrical and Musical Theatre. She earned awards and achieved a level of skill which allowed her to teach dance. When her family moved to Golden, Scout became a dance teacher in our community. She is also an accomplished yoga teacher being certified in Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha Yoga.   

We felt fortunate when Scout and her mother began to volunteer in our office. Scout quickly proved herself to be indispensable. It wasn’t long before she was successfully nominated to be our local MNBC Youth Representative.

Since then, she has grown independent with grant writing, and has worked hard to support our community to gain greater financial sustainability. Scout attended an iSPARK session and, out of concern for the wellbeing of members, has now applied for two grants which will enable our Métis community to access online yoga sessions with her. One of the grants will secure yoga mats that may be loaned to participants, and it will enable the purchase of snowshoes to be loaned to family groups. Scout has worked with people of all ages, and has an exceptional ability to inspire. This past summer Scout held gardening workshops with special needs teens who planted five large raised bed garden boxes at our Metis office. She continued to supervise watering, weeding, fertilizing and harvesting. With her to motivate us, we are certain that this program will support the wellbeing of our people.

Scout has also helped us to uphold and expand our partnerships. Through a Federal Elders and Youth Program, she has connected with other youth leaders to document the stories of local elders. Although we were prevented from participating in a Remembrance Day parade due to COVID-19, Scout organized a recorded tribute to our veterans at the local museum. Board members were given a script and we safely recorded a poem and some insightful words to be shown to local veterans.

Another gift that Scout gives us is her exceptional communication skills.  She frequently posts on our Facebook page, keeping members up to date regarding opportunities, MNBC news, and interesting bits of cultural information. Each day that she comes to the office, Scout offers some new phrase in Michif, inspiring our community to reclaim our traditional language. Regularly, she gathers our local elders to post a short song or conversation in Michif.

Scout has also taken on the responsibility of regularly contacting all of our members during the COVID-19 pandemic, to check on them and determine if there are any needs that need addressing.  She delivers care packages, including buffalo meat, hygiene products, gift cards and wellness items safely to those who need them. She also generally runs errands as needed.

Altogether, we are very proud of this friendly, kind and generous young woman who has dedicated her talents to our Métis community since her arrival. She has enriched our Nation and been a mentor for our youth and others.

Congratulations Scout!

Each Métis Role Model will receive $300 in gift cards and be showcased on the Métis Nation British Columbia website (mnbc.ca). We would like to thank all the nominees who were submitted and encourage their nominators to re-submit next year.

The seventh annual Métis Youth Role Model Campaign launched on January 7, 2021, with a call for outstanding youth nominees. To be eligible, Métis Youth Role Models must be between the ages of 15 and 30 and live in B.C. The MYBC Committee selected the five winners from all the eligible submissions. Click here to see all of this year’s chosen Métis Youth Role Models.