103-year-old Woman Becomes Oldest B.C. Métis Citizen

Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) was proud to present Gladys Goulet with her MNBC citizenship card on her birthday, December 14, 2021. At 103 years old, Gladys is the oldest Métis Citizen in British Columbia.

Gladys receiving her citizenship card at 103 years old is a testament to the work MNBC is doing to raise awareness about Métis culture and heritage, and encourage Métis people across British Columbia to reconnect with their Nation. She never thought that the day would come where she could proudly declare her Métis heritage, remembering a time when she was scared to do so – similar stories that so many Métis have shared over the years.

Gladys was born in Manitoba and orphaned in Saskatchewan, later moving to Victoria where she and her husband ran two successful coffee shops. In addition to Gladys, her daughter Giselle was also presented with her citizenship on December 14 as the family reconnects with their culture.

“I think it’s a renewed sense of pride, a renewed sense of identity, and I think people are becoming more aware of their family history and who the Métis people are,” said Patrick Harriott, MNBC Minister of Citizenship and Community Services.

Gladys’s story embodies a renewed sense of Metis pride in many people, demonstrated in the number of new Citizens approved by MNBC. Since 2018, MNBC has approved 5,000 new Citizens, with 1,000 in the last six months alone.

MNBC hopes Gladys Goulet’s story helps empower more Métis individuals across British Columbia to reconnect with their Nation and rediscover their culture. If you are looking to inquire about MNBC citizenship, you can find all information on our registry page here.

Gladys Goulet’s story relates to so many Métis people across Canada who have had to hide their lineage, but also a reminder that it is never too late to reconnect with your Nation.

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