We’re Publishing a Book!

We’re publishing a book! “Kaa-Wiichihitoyaahk – We Take Care of Each Other”

MNBC is proud to announce “Kaa-Wiichihitoyaahk – We Take Care of Each Other”, the first of its kind Métis perspective on cultural wellness. 

From the back cover “If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Métis people and culture, this book is for you. Kaa-wiichihitoyaahk introduces readers to Métis identity, history and culture, written from the perspectives and experiences of Métis people. Through personal stories, vivid images and engaging explanations, readers will learn about Métis culture and what it means to be culturally well.  The guide describes how to promote cultural wellness by understanding and acknowledging the distinct identity of Métis people. Kaa-wiichihitoyaahk journeys from the past to the present to honor and celebrate the strength and resiliency of Métis people and culture.”

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