Special Statement from CEO re: Election 2020

Special Statement from CEO re: Election 2020

Last week MNBC announced it was conducting an independent investigation regarding the inappropriate release of citizen contact information – including email addresses – to the Chief Electoral Officer and subsequently to several candidates. For more information regarding that announcement, please click here.

Further to that decision, earlier today the Chief Electoral Officer, our legal counsel and myself met with the two candidates who are running for the position of Youth BC Chair. The Chief Electoral Officer advised them the voter information he obtained from our Registrar resulted in him sending out youth mail-in ballots to a significant number of ineligible voters.

The Chief Electoral Officer explained to the two affected candidates how all the ballots must now be managed on election night to ensure that only MNBC youth are voting for youth candidates. A special vote counting process has been established to ensure that any voter who inappropriately received a youth ballot – and cast it – will have those particular ballots removed from the overall count. Please note that all other non-youth ballots cast i.e. President, Vice-President are unaffected by this new process. Both of the Youth BC Chair candidates advised the Chief Electoral Officer they were satisfied with the amended ballot counting process as outlined during the meeting.

As a result of this new discovery, the independent investigation announced last week has been expanded to include a full review of the circumstances which led to the error in the final voters list. The investigation and review of MNBC’s Registry is being conducted by the Howe Group. A final report including recommendations is expected by this fall.

To assist with the investigation, the Howe Group has been assured they will have full access to MNBC staff as well as our registry database service provider. The Howe Group will be reaching out to the Chief Electoral Officer as well as a number of candidates as part of this review. 

The Acting MNBC Registrar is working with our database service provider and will be forwarding a final and corrected youth voters list later this week. Prior to this list being used to validate youth ballots on election day, it will be reviewed and signed off by the Howe Group to confirm accuracy.

As CEO for MNBC and a Citizen of our Nation, I cannot express to you in words how deeply disappointed I am regarding what has been uncovered over the last week. However, rest assured, our team is actively working to rectify what has transpired and we remain committed to a fair, open and transparent general election.  

Daniel Fontaine
CEO | Deputy Minister