Tansi Métis Community Members

We want to thank you for your participation in the Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign this summer.  We were truly overwhelmed and energized by your enthusiastic responses. 

Below is a story submitted by a Métis Nation BC citizen, Janet Evans.

My name is Janet Evans, and I have skin cancer. It’s actually aggressive melanoma.

My freckle was the size of a dime. I insisted that my doctor do a biopsy after eighteen months. I’m glad I did. Since the diagnoses, it was removed along with some of my lymph nodes. I was lucky. Now I am being monitored every three months with both a cat scan and ultra sound. They have now found more cancer in my body and It’s really just a matter of time.

Now, I always wear sunblock and clothing everyday from 10am to 4pm. On top of that, I wear sunscreen. Sunscreen does not block the sun completely so I also wear a hat when I need to go outside in the sun. Shade does not block the UV rays, neither do clouds. Most people are not aware of this.

I go running early in the morning so I can be home before 10am. The protection is needed between April and October when the UV rays are the highest.

I just want people to know that they should pay attention to their skin, especially if you have moles or freckles. Insist on your doctor checking, it could save your life!

  • Janet Evans, Métis Nation BC Citizen

Over the course of six weeks, 7 creative skin cancer write ups were blasted out, and many photos and stories were submitted by YOU promoting Skin Cancer Awareness.

We have enjoyed all your submissions, and we’re excited to announce the winners of this portion of the campaign. All participants were entered into a draw to win one of two gift swag bags provided by the Canadian Cancer Society.  These winners were drawn at random, and they are Sandy Mathews from Prince George, B.C.  and Weston Riel Fox L’Hirondelle from West Kelowna, B.C.  Congratulations, we will be in touch shortly to send out your gift!

It is important to note, that this challenge was merely the kick-off for the Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign. As we announced at the beginning, if you read ALL our write ups you’d be eligible to get into our final draw! On our weekly poster is a crossword puzzle designed with words pulled from our write ups throughout the campaign.  Deadline for the completed crossword submission is September 13/2020 by 11:59PM. The prize draw will be held on Wednesday, September 16/ 2020 and winners will be contacted by no later than Friday, September 18/2020 **In the case we do not have a response from the winner within 3 business days, we will redraw** Please still submit your crossword if it is not fully completed. 

Most importantly, we hope to keep the dialogue going about Skin Cancer Awareness and how to protect yourself from the sun. Thank you again for your participation and congratulations to all the winners! If you’d like to share feedback, have questions, or want to submit additional ideas for our next campaign, please send a message to Northern Regional Health Coordinator, Katina Pollard at

We hope you have a wonderful, sun safe, and relaxing rest of your summer J