Senior Director Appointments

Earlier this week, President Clara Morin Dal Col announced MNBC’s new cabinet, to be sworn in on October 14th. With the new cabinet, a number of new portfolios were created, while other existing portfolios have undergone expansion and change. Recognizing both the transition and change that comes with a new government, MNBC is announcing a number of changes at the Senior Director level.

“It is my responsibility to ensure that each of these new portfolios is staffed with a Senior Director who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the ministry. In that regard, I am pleased to announce the following Senior Directors will be responsible for the ministries listed below effective October 14th.” – MNBC CEO Daniel Fontaine

Minister Clara Morin Dal Col

  • Minister of Education: Early Learning | K-12 – Colleen Hodgson
  • Minister of Housing and Homelessness – Bailey Mumford
  • Minister of Digital Government – Katie Trace

Minister Lissa Smith

  • Minister of Environmental Protection and Métis Rights – Leona Shaw

Minister Patrick Harriott

  • Minister of Employment and Skills Training – Jason Chan
  • Minister of Citizenship and Community Services – Registrar (A/Tracy Milton)

Minister Dr. Kate Elliott

  • Minister of Women and Gender Equality – Katie Trace

Minister Louis de Jaeger

  • Minister of Economic Development and Natural Resources – Judy Smith

Minister Raynie Gervais

  • Minister of Elders – Judy Smith
  • Minister of Culture, Language and Heritage – Judy Smith

Minister Susie Hooper

  • Minister of Children and Families – Melanie Allard

Minister Dean Gladue

  • Minister of Justice and Veterans Affairs – Chris Gall
  • Minister of Sport – Bailey Mumford

Minister Shaughn Davoren

  • Minister of Youth – Katie Trace

Minister Debra Fisher

  • Minister of Post-Secondary Education – Jason Chan

Minister Paulette Flamond

  • Minister of Health & Wellness – Tanya Davoren


  • Bill Bresser

As MNBC transforms from a non-profit society to self-government over the coming years, change will be necessary if we are to have the capacity to serve the needs of our citizens and Métis people across British Columbia. These changes come into effect when the new government is sworn in, on October 14.