New Cabinet

On September 21st, Métis Nation BC (MNBC) voted in a new government, electing new and returning officials who each bring a unique blend of culture, experience, and expertise that will have a positive impact on the lives of Métis people. Voters sent a clear message that they want their government united and to advocate for expanded services and programs. The government will be officially sworn in on October 14th, with the proceedings live-streamed on MNBC’s Facebook page and website.

“I am confident that our new Ministers will accept the challenge of their respective Ministries head-on. MNBC’s new government will work hard for the betterment of Métis province-wide in expanding our ability to meet the needs of our people, while fighting for equity in funding.” – President Morin Dal Col

President Morin Dal Col revealed the following Cabinet posts for the new government:

  • Lissa Dawn Smith is Vice-President and Minister of Environmental Protection and Métis Rights (BCMANR)
  • Shaughn Davoren is Minister of Youth
  • Louis De Jaeger is Minister of Economic Development and Natural Resources
  • Dr. Katie Elliott is Minister of Women and Gender Equality
  • Debra Fisher is Minister of Post-Secondary Education
  • Paulette Flamond is Minister of Health and Wellness
  • Raynie Gervais is Minister of Elders and Minister of Culture, Language and Heritage
  • Dean Gladue is Minister of Justice and Veterans Affairs, and Minister of Sport
  • Patrick Harriott is Minister of Employment and Skills Training, and Minister of Citizenship and Community Services
  • Susie Hooper is Minister of Children and Families

President Morin Dal Col will continue as Minister of Education: Early Learning & K-12, Minister of Housing and Homelessness, and adds a newly created portfolio, Minister of Digital Government.

With the creation of the Ministries of Culture, Language and Heritage, Digital Government, and Elders, MNBC’s new government is signaling a refreshed vision for self-governance and advancing the cause of Métis people in BC. These ministries will help MNBC promote cultural preservation, a renewed focus on Metis elders, and advancing MNBC’s goal to being an entirely digital government.  

President Morin Dal Col also announced the creation of a number of Cabinet committees, that help reflect the key priorities for the new MNBC government:

  • Awards and Recognition Committee
  • Business Advisory Panel
  • Environment Committee
  • Emergency Preparedness Committee
  • Finance and Audit Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Planning and Priorities Committee
  • Métis Rights and Self-Government Committee
  • Social and Community Services Committee
  • Youth Engagement Committee

To see a full list of cabinet and committee appointments, click here.