Overdose Awareness Day

International Overdose Awareness Day

August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day. Today we come together to raise awareness of overdose and to have open conversation with our loved ones; including our sisters, brothers, cousins, parents, children, and Elders who are all both directly and indirectly impacted by the Overdose Crisis.

The drug supply in BC is incredibly toxic right now and will only get worse. Anyone using substances is at risk of overdose because of this toxicity. Over the last three months, a record number of people have died from overdose, with 85% of deaths occurring behind closed doors. Every day in BC 5.6 people die due to overdose.

AddictionMatters.ca has created a pledge to end stigma around overdose and addictions. You can sign the pledge here and commit to using people first language, being compassionate and respectful when discussing addiction and honouring the strength it takes to discuss addiction. Because every word matters.

Talking about overdose and drug use, and sharing your stories and experiences are ways we can reduce stigma and save lives. Today, wearing purple, lighting a candle, sharing artwork or attending virtual awareness events are just some of the ways you can show support for all the victims of this crisis. Look here for ways you can get involved in Overdose Awareness Day, share a tribute, and come together to remember the lives we have lost.

Our staff have come together to remember all the lives lost, and to show our support for everyone who has been affected by overdose and everyone who uses substances.

You are not alone, we are all in this together.

Links to helpful resources and more information:

Toward the Heart is a one stop resource for all matters Harm Reduction, including training and knowledge of Naloxone distribution sites.

Information for Women and Mothers

Information for Elders

General Overdose Information

Get in touch!

(Below: MNBC staff wear purple for #OverdoseAwarenessDay)