National Indigenous Peoples Day

Métis Nation BC Celebrates all Indigenous Peoples and Honours National Indigenous Peoples Day

Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day, and Métis people is an integral and very important part of MNBC’s vision and mission.

Métis Nation British Columbia recognizes the invaluable contributions that Métis, First Nations and Inuit peoples have made in building our country and the contributions we continue to make.

On June 21st, we honour those contributions and the unique cultures, language, traditions and heritage of the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. 

Among the many virtual events that will be hosted live by the numerous social media channels across our BC province as well as the country, Métis Nation BC will be hosting a few exciting virtual events and prize-winning initiatives.

  1. Sharing Indigenous artists and their songs on a one-hour Spotify Playlist
  2. Listing 10 Métis authored books to read.
  3. Launching a photo contest with “Metis in nature” as the theme

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Did You Know?

The Metis song, which for many years was coined “Métis National Anthem” was written by Pierre Falcon in 1816! This song was noted to have been sung during Batoche in 1885. This particular recording is from Saskatchewan in 1963, nearly 150 years after being written.

The song was known variously as follows:

  1. Falcon’s Song
  2. La Gloire des Bois-Brules                         The Glory of the Bois-Brules (Halfbreeds)
  3. La Chanson de la Grenouillere                  The Song of Frog Plain (AKA The Song of Seven Oaks)
  4. L’ Hymne National des Bois-Brules            National Anthem of the Bois-Brules (Halfbreeds) 

This version was sung by Don Freed 1885: 

Both these songs deal with our history and are factually accurate. They make learning our Metis history easy and enjoyable.

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