National Addictions Awareness Week Campaign – Opiate Addiction

Some topics around mental health can feel heavier – this doesn’t mean that these stories shouldn’t be told. Be mindful of your own boundaries as you are taking in these posts. If you need to take a moment to practice self-care and connect with your supports, please do. If you find yourself needing crisis support, please connect with the Métis Crisis Line at 1-833-MÉTISBC (1-833-638-4722).

November 23rd marks the launch of Métis Nation British Columbia’s National Addictions Awareness Week Campaign. In support of this campaign, Métis participants have volunteered to share their stories of living with substance use and addictions.

Today, Karen shares with us her experiences of opioid use and her journey to sobriety. We hope that by sharing the incredible experiences of our volunteers, we can promote understanding of addiction and reduce the stigma that surrounds substance use. Thank you to all our participants for telling their stories and for sharing messages of hope and resilience.

To read Karen’s story in PDF, click here or on the images below.