National Addictions awareness week campaign – Navigating Addiction

Some topics around mental health can feel heavier – this doesn’t mean that these stories shouldn’t be told. Be mindful of your own boundaries as you are taking in these posts. If you need to take a moment to practice self-care and connect with your supports, please do. If you find yourself needing crisis support, please connect with the Métis Crisis Line at 1-833-MÉTISBC (1-833-638-4722).

As we continue our National Addictions Awareness Week Campaign, today Caty shares with us her story of resilience in navigating addictions. “If I had the chance to go back and change things I wouldn’t because it is through all that I have survived that has made me who I am today,” said Caty.

To read Caty’s story in PDF form, click here or on the images below.