MNBC Ministerial Portfolios

MNBC Ministerial Portfolios

Minister Clara Morin Dal Col


Minister of Early Learning and K-12 Education

Minister of Housing and Homelessness

Minister Lissa DAWN Smith

Vice President

Minister of Justice

Minister of Métis Rights

Minister of Digital Government

MNBC Senate Liaison

Minister Kate Elliott

Women BC Chair

Minister of Women and Gender Equity

Minister of Mental Health and Addictions

Minister Shaughn Davoren

Youth BC Chair

Minister of Youth

Minister Patrick Harriott – Region 1


Minister of Citizenship and Community Services  

Minister of Culture, Heritage and Language

Minister Louis De Jaeger – Region 2


Minister of Economic Development and Natural Resources

Minister Dean Gladue – Region 3

Minister Employment and Skills Training

Minister of Sport

Minister of Veterans Affairs

Minister Debra Fisher – Region 4

Minister of Children and Families

Minister Raynie Gervais – Region 5

Minister of Elders  

Minister Susie Hooper – Region 6

Minister of Environmental Protection

Minister of Post-Secondary Education

Minister Paulette Flamond – Region 7

Minister of Health and Wellness