MNBC Launch New Website “The Voice of the Métis in BC”

New and Improved Métis Nation BC Website

Welcome to the new and improved Métis Nation BC website which we are proud to launch today. It’s taken a bit longer than we would have liked, but our new website is finally online and here to better serve the needs of our citizens across the entire province.

Today we are also launching our new Ma Nîķi Seniors Housing Renovation Pilot Program. If you want to download the application form, you can click HERE.

As CEO and Deputy Minister for MNBC, I’m pleased to be able to publish the first article in our “News and Events” section. Over the coming months, we plan to develop more in-house and original content that will be posted right here for everyone to read. This will include more feature and spotlight stories which will serve to highlight the many accomplishments of our Nation and its people.

Besides significantly more content, our new website has been designed to be more user friendly and provide our citizens, the media and public with a better understanding of who we are and what we do each and every day.

Daniel Fontaine, Deputy Minister MNBC

Our “About” section easily allows you to find out more about our Senate, our history and link you to our external job postings.

The “MNBC Leadership” section quickly provides you with a listing of our Board of Directors as well as contact information for our entire senior management team.

Are you looking to find out what kinds of programs and services we offer but don’t know which ministry delivers them? We’ve now designed an easy to navigate “Programs and Services” section which allows you to locate all our programs based on your own personal needs.

We have also temporarily added two special sections on COVID-19 and the 2020 MNBC Election as both of these issues are very current and require a special focus.

You will also notice that we are placing a high level of emphasis on encouraging non-citizens to make an application to register with us. Our website now allows you to begin the citizenship journey through an updated online application process that will support the introduction of a digital signature function. This is all part of our MNBC Digitization Strategy which will be formally launched later this year.

Our goal is to eventually go paperless and grant everyone the opportunity to apply directly for their citizenship online without the need of a paper application form. If you still want to fill out a paper application, that option will still remain available.

If we are successful, our new digital online application will streamline and speed up the approval and renewal process leading to a better customer service experience for everyone. We’ll have more to report on this project in the months to come.

Overall, the look and feel of our new website is much more modern and reflective our Nation and where we are headed as people. There are some beautiful images throughout and we look forward to it becoming your primary resource for everything Métis in British Columbia.

If you have any suggestions, feedback or ideas on how we can improve our website into the future, please don’t hesitate to reach out. But for now, enjoy our new website!


Daniel Fontaine
CEO | Deputy Minister