MNBC Election Underway

MNBC’s unprecedented election, being done entirely with mail-in ballots, is well underway.

The Chief Electoral Officer has finalized the list of approved candidates, numbering 38. Of those, 10 have been acclaimed to their positions. At a time when some governments around the world are postponing scheduled elections, MNBC felt it was important to continue.

To date, 90% of ballots have been mailed across the province, with the first batch focused on northern and interior regions. The balance should be mailed by the end of the weekend. In total, 16,587 ballots will be mailed.

In mid-August, the MNBC Board made the decision to change the election date to September 21st, allowing ample time for citizens to mail their ballots. Due to the pandemic, mail delays have been a persistent issue across the country. All MNBC citizens with a known residential mailing address will be receiving ballots and a prepaid return postage envelope will be provided.

The newly elected board will be in place for the fall as MNBC moves towards self-governance and continues to advocate for the Métis people across this province.

You can find the full list of approved candidates here, and list of acclaimed candidates here.