MNBC Approves Additional COVID-19 Response Programs

MNBC’s recently sworn in Cabinet has approved additional COVID-19 response programs. During the first wave of COVID-19, MNBC launched a number of new and innovative initiatives, including: an education grant of $500 per household to support distanced learning, a rent subsidy of $250 per household for up to three months, direct funding support to each MNBC Chartered Community, and more.

In anticipation of a second wave, MNBC formed a COVID‐19 Response Committee with staff representation across all Ministries and departments. The Committee was instructed to submit a coordinated recommendation for review by the Cabinet on the best use of available funding to support Métis in BC affected by the COVID‐19 pandemic. Funding was provided by the Government of Canada through the through the Indigenous Community Support Fund.

The approved recommendations involve the following Ministries and supports:

  • Ministry of Children and Families – direct funding for MNBC service providers;
  • Ministry of Citizenship and Community Services – direct funding to Chartered Communities;
  • Ministry of Culture, Language, and Heritage and Ministry of Elders – funding for Métis artists and elders;
  • Ministry of Digital Government – issuing Chartered Communities with new laptops for community use;
  • Ministry of Economic Development and Partnerships – direct grants to Métis-owned businesses;
  • Ministry of Education – technology grant for Métis families to support remote learning;
  • Ministry of Employment and Skills Training and Ministry of Post‐Secondary Education – grants to Métis post-secondary students;
  • Ministry of Health – reusable masks and mental health supports;
  • Ministry of Housing and Homelessness – rent and utility supplements; and
  • Ministry of Women – support for Métis women leadership.

In addition to the above, MNBC has established a new role of COVID-19 Response Manager. Their short-term focus will be to coordinate the delivery of all the elements of MNBC’s COVID‐19 response plan. The Manager will also provide a report following the delivery of these programs.

“I am thankful to MNBC’s staff for quickly putting together a package of recommendations for our Cabinet’s approval, so soon after we were sworn in. These programs and supports meet the right balance of addressing some of the needs of our Métis communities, individuals, and businesses.” – President Clara Morin Dal Col

More details on how Chartered Communities, businesses, and individuals can apply for these programs will be rolled out soon. Stay tuned.