MNBC Call for Expressions of Interest for Region 2 Senator

SENATE Call for Nominations

Position Opening – Lower Mainland Regional Senator
MNBC is calling on its Citizens for interest in the position of MNBC Senator representing Region 2 Lower Mainland. Nominations are now open! Nominations will close August 24, 2020.

As per Article 5, sub-article 5.1 of the Senate Act:
Métis Nation British Columbia is calling on individuals to submit their interest to serve as Senator on the MNBC Senate. (1 Position Open)

Senate Composition:

Each of the seven MNBC Regional Governance Council appoints a highly respected individual to represent their judicial needs on a provincial level. These non-political Senators form the Judicial Arm of the MNBC.


As per Article 5.2 of the MNBC Senate Act, please submit:

  1. Biography of the Applicant (Relevant information);
  2. Proof of Age – must be at least 55 years of age;
  3. Copy of your MNBC Citizenship card;
  4. Criminal Record Check for volunteers;
  5. *Nomination Form for Senate Vacancy 

*A nomination must be in writing by a Métis Citizen that holds an MNBC Provincial Métis Citizenship card.


Nominations to be submitted to the Region 2 Lower Mainland Regional Governance Council (RGC), via the care of MNBC Executive Assistant Lynn Macleod

Nomination deadline: August 24, 2020