MNBC 2020 Election Update

We have received numerous calls and emails from election candidates and citizens, raising concerns about mail delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically that there may be insufficient time for citizens to ensure their ballots will be received by the Chief Electoral Officer by Election Day.  As we all have observed, there have been general mail delays due to the pandemic, especially in rural British Columbia.

Additionally, MNBC recently discovered that the Electoral Act was amended through a resolution passed at the 2017 MNBC AGM, and these amendments were not incorporated into the official version of the Electoral Act publicly posted on the MNBC website.  These amendments lengthened the timelines and deadlines for MNBC Provincial Elections.So how will the election affect the operation of the Métis Nation government over the coming weeks? In many ways it will continue to be business as usual. That means MNBC staff will continue to work within their ministries to provide supports and operate our various programs and services.

After consulting with legal counsel and the Chief Electoral Officer, and receiving the consent of the current Board of Directors and the members of the Métis Nation Governing Assembly, we are officially announcing the MNBC Provincial Election date has been amended to Monday, September 21, 2020.  All other deadlines regarding the filing of nomination papers and other election events remain the same as initially announced.

Please find the link to the updated Electoral Act (2017).