MNBC 2020 Election Set for Sept 21st 2020

The 2020 MNBC Election is officially underway effective midnight on July 22nd. Over the coming weeks a number of individuals will be filling out the necessary paperwork to put their name on the ballot for the September 21st election.

MNBC electors are encouraged to participate in the election and more information will be posted about this on both the MNBC and Chief Electoral Officer’s websites.

So how will the election affect the operation of the Métis Nation government over the coming weeks? In many ways it will continue to be business as usual. That means MNBC staff will continue to work within their ministries to provide supports and operate our various programs and services.

Most importantly, during the COVID19 pandemic we will continue to monitor this situation closely and communicate with our citizens where necessary.

The 2020 election will result in a few changes to our day-to-day operations. Likely the most pronounced impact is our plan to limit our overall communications via our website and social media during the election period.

Leading up to September 21st we will be limiting our communication activities to election related information as well as critical and time sensitive public service messages for our citizens.

Please note if the MNBC website is to remain neutral and non-partisan we will not be promoting any election events, rallies or specific candidates. This means if you are planning to host an all-candidate debate, gathering or similar event, you will be asked to promote and market that directly within your local community.

We look forward to continuing to serve our citizens during the election and send our best wishes to the candidates during the campaign.