Métis Early Years Reaches 500 Enrolments

September 3, 2020 – MNBC’s Ministry of Education’s Métis Early Years Program is celebrating its 500th enrolment. This is a 100% increase in just six months. The increase in enrolment can be linked to MNBC’s COVID-19 outreach, where Métis Early Years Navigators connected with over 750 families throughout the province.

To mark the 500th enrolment, MNBC is announcing the program name has changed from Métis Early Years to Métis Family Connections. The new name better represents what the program offers as a cultural resource and referral program.

Métis Family Connections is supported by BC’s Ministry of Children and Family Development, Indigenous Early Years Divison. The program is focused on helping families build a network of support that provides children with opportunities for early learning and childhood development. It also offers an important connection to cultural resources and the opportunity for families to explore their Métis identity.

Métis Family Connections Navigators assist families to access programs and services that are available in their region and connect them to community and culture. We encourage families that have Métis children birth to 8 years to enroll their children in Métis Family Connections and stay connected to MNBC. For more information on Métis Family Connections including how to enroll, please contact Métisearlyyears@mnbc.ca.

Métis Family Connections Team

MNBC Ministry of Education

Congratulations to the Saint family on being the 500th enrolment. To celebrate this milestone they will be sent a Métis cultural gift. The Saint family is from Golden, British Columbia, and like many families, they learned about their Métis heritage later in life. The team is excited to welcome them to the program.