Future AGM Planning

AGM Planning

As was communicated to MNBC Citizens and Chartered Communities last week, the 2020 AGM has been postponed. MNBC staff recommended to the Board that they approve an emergency motion which would permit us to cease any further work on the September AGM. It was also recommended that staff undertake a consultation with our Chartered Communities and the Métis Nation Governing Assembly to determine our next steps.

One of the challenges MNBC faces, with its over 21,000 Citizens, is planning for an AGM that has an unknown amount of participants. In-person gatherings have typically had 150-200 attendees, but with advancement in technology, a virtual AGM could have anywhere from 50 to thousands. With this reality, MNBC staff need to determine what is the most feasible way to move forward. While at first glance it may be as simple as hosting it on Zoom, the Societies Act stipulates that all virtual participants must be “able to communicate with each other and, if applicable, vote at the meeting.” Determining how to assemble potentially thousands of MNBC Citizens online, allowing them to not only communicate, but to vote, is a challenge. MNBC also cannot restrict the number of attendees, under the Societies Act.

With this reality, MNBC staff are researching and looking into how other associations of similar size (21,000+) are handling their AGMs. While MNBC undertakes this process, we are also reaching out to our community for any suggestions. If you have taken part, or seen, an AGM that meets the requirements MNBC has, please email us at communications@mnbc.ca

We are also beginning the process to consult with our Chartered Communities on how best to move forward. We will keep everyone apprised as more developments come in.