Did You Know? Isabella Ross Tag: Vancouver Island

Isabella Ross' grave marker

In 1855, Isabella Ross, a Métis woman, became the first female and first aboriginal land owner in the history of British Columbia. Part of her land became Victoria's Ross Bay Cemetery in 1872, one of Canada's oldest and largest surviving Victorian cemeteries.

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Did You Know? Métis Joseph McKay Tag: Vancouver Island

Métis Joseph McKay came to the pacific coast from the Red River in 1844. Among this exceptional man's accomplishments are: the first salmon fishery station, negotiation of the Douglas Treaties, the building of Nanaimo, the exploration of the interior of Vancouver Island, the founding of the Vancouver Island Steam sawmill company, the management of HBC operations at Fort Kamloops and Fort Simpson, the personal innoculation of 1300 Shuswap First Nation people against smallpox, the conception of the first BC pulp mill, and many other significant accomplishments.

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