MNBC Culture Series: Jónína Kirton (Issue #3) Tag: MNBC Culture Series

Photo: Mayors Arts Award 2016 - Jonina, Mayor Robertson, Betsy Warland

Jónína Kirton is a prairie born, proud MNBC citizen and is a Métis/Icelandic poet, author and facilitator who currently resides in the Lower Mainland. She has been involved with the Aboriginal Writers Collective – West Coast, and she coordinated the first National Indigenous Writers Conference in Vancouver 2013. In 2015 Kirton joined the editorial board of Room Magazine. Jónína’s work has been featured in numerous anthologies and literary journals.

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MNBC Culture Series: Reuben Forsland (Issue #2) Tag: MNBC Culture Series

From a young age, Reuben was ignited with the passion to create objects of an intricate nature. A stonemason father and a seamstress mother introduced him to the rendering of raw materials into the finely designed and the aesthetically ornate which eventually led him to design and craft a monumental instrument "the Velvet Revolver" for the world re-knowned, Grammy winning, rock and roll hall-of-famer, SLASH, of Guns N’ Roses!

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MNBC Culture Series: Gertrude Nome (Issue#1) Tag: MNBC Culture Series

Gertrude Nome was raised on a farm in Peace River Crossing, Alberta, and didn’t grow up knowing the art and tradition of tanning hides. She was an avid beader, however, and this inspired her to find a new medium to continue her crafty beading work.  Both her, and her husband Alex, self-taught themselves this almost forgotten art. The technique of hide tanning is very time consuming and takes a great deal of physical strength. The long painstaking process of removing flesh and fur from the animals hide and then stretching it over a homemade frame is seldom done by Métis people today.

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