World Cancer Day

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February 4th is World Cancer Day and Métis Nation British Columbia is recognizing the day through an exciting new project, in partnership with the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer (CPAC).

We know that a cancer diagnosis can be a scary and alienating time for Métis people, their families and their Community.  MNBC is committed to ensuring that all Métis people in British Columbia receive the supports they need while going through cancer treatment.

MNBC is currently hiring Regional Health Coordinators (RHC) to assist Métis patients and families on their journeys. Under the management of Ashley Turner, the Regional Health Coordinators will assist in creating connections between their regional health authorities and BC Cancer.

If you or someone you love is going through cancer, there are Métis specific cancer resources available at each BC Cancer centre and cancer clinic, or online through MNBC at

We at MNBC’s Ministry of Health recognize World Cancer Day and the significant impact a cancer diagnosis has on the individual and their family and friends. We encourage those who are interested in making a difference, to join our team – check MNBC’s Regional Health Coordinator postings.


Susie Hooper

Minister for Health, MNBC