Voyageur Canoes arrive on the shore of Prince George via the Nechako River

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Voyageurs canoes travelled down the Fraser River from Fort St James via the Nechako River docking in Prince George at Fort George Park shores as Prince George celebrated their 150 year Commemoration event of Canada last week.

MNBC Regional Director for the North Central region and Culture, Heritage and Language Minister Raynie Gervais, was one of the many Métis gathered and was fortunate enough to catch the voyageurs coming down the Fraser until they arrived on the shores of Prince George for the coming to shore ceremony.

Métis Nation BC Veteran Representative for the North Central Region Earl Henderson captured these pictures during the celebration.

"The voyageurs were dressed in traditional Métis regalia wearing their sashes with great pride while on the canoes making it an even more exciting event to witness" said Minister Gervais.

There was approximately 150 people at the event including many of the First Nations and news media at the Fort George Park to welcome them from their journey.

Photo: Voyageurs

Photo: Metis Elder Marcel Labell from Ontario, Earl Henderson-Regional Veteran Rep and Raynie-Regional Director


Photo credit: Earl Henderson