Very Successful 1st Annual Golden 2017 Aboriginal Community Gathering & Celebration

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Approximately 140 people attended the Aboriginal Gathering and Celebration in Golden, BC, on May 25th.  President Paul Ricard of (Golden) Métis Nation Columbia River; President Debra Fisher of (Invermere) Columbia Valley Métis; Métis Nation BC President Clara Morin Dal Col; MNBC Regional Director Marilynn Taylor for the Kootenays, BCMANR Captain Mark Carlson for the Kootenays and MNBC CEO Dale Drown were all in attendance.

A traditional dinner prepared by youth was followed by a ceremony presided by Iris Trask, Principal at Golden Secondary School to honour this year's Aboriginal Graduates.  They were presented with gifts from the School as well as from MNBC, MNCRS and MNCVS. This ceremony was followed by speakers Clara Morin Dal Col, Dale Drown and BCMNR Captain Mark Carlson who all wished the Grads every success in their future endeavours.

At this time, “The Young Strings” consisting of children (and those young at heart) played three fiddle tunes to demonstrate to their community what they have been learning since September, 2016.  They were amazing and their talent moved the crowd.  The Fiddle Club has 24 fiddle players --16 youth and 9 adults and The Guitar Club comprises of 10 students.

“This was an incredibly successful event organized by youth and leadership of the Métis community in Golden, and it was such a pleasure to join with them to celebrate the successes and achievements of their young Métis and First Nations students, elders, and community people in this way,” said President Morin Dal Col.

Syenna Mitchell and Jacey Jones, both Métis youth, were emcees for the event. Many youth worked in the kitchen during the day, helping several members put together the amazing dinner.  Carrington Mitchell, Drew Nagao and Jasey Jones canvassed Golden businesses asking for donations towards the Looney Auction.  They were able to raise a total of $l, 093.00 funds through the efforts of Randy Hamilton, Auctioneer, and the auction helpers: Gabe Ryan and Nakya Zimmer, Sierra Ingram and James Crowchild-Fletcher.  These funds will be used to continue to support music programs (fiddle and guitar). Drew and Carrington were responsible in bringing the youth together, and as a result did a superior job of attending to all details of achieving a very well attended and successful event.

The event was planned and hosted entirely by the youth with direction, mentorship and assistance from the community members, Elders and their Aboriginal Education Teacher, Dana Setter.

For the first time, the community and the high school came together for this type of gathering and celebrated 9 Aboriginal Graduates ( 6 who were able to attend) in this event. 

The Gathering was very pleased to have MNBC representatives attend, and they look forward to making this an annual event. 

Entertainment was provided by Travis Jobin on the guitar, Ella, Charlotte Jobin, Carrington Mitchell, Drew Nagao and Syenna Mitchell on fiddles.

Event hosts: Métis Nation Columbia River Society and Golden Secondary School Students & Friends.

Grand Entry led by Elder Tom Jobin with Infinity flag, youth with the MNBC flag, followed by the MNCRS Buffalo Paskwaw Mustos, Little Jiggers dancing the Red River Jig played by fiddle teacher Leah Gardner & Carrington Mitchell, followed by 2017 Graduates and MNBC Dignitaries.


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Executive Assistant and Communications Officer
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