Understanding the scope of the Sixties Scoop

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Beginning in the 1960’s and continuing on until the 1990’s (in fact some would say to the present day), Métis children were stolen from their parents, taken from their people, and placed with unfamiliar families, in strange homes and communities. Métis parents who sought the whereabouts of their children were often told, not matter what they did, their children would not be returned. This narrative is tragically all too familiar within our Nation and our communities.

And yet, on October 5, 2017 when the Federal Government of Canada announced that it had settled with survivors of the sixties scoop, Métis people were left out of that settlement as if our families, our children, our people, and our Nation have never experienced that devastation.

This past fall, Métis Nation British Columbia started a database of Métis survivors of the sixties scoop. Métis Nation British Columbia is asking Métis survivors of the sixties scoop (those individuals who were taken from their families) to contact us. We would like to understand the scope of the sixties scoop removals. How many Métis people were taken? We would also like to explore the possibility of starting a Métis survivors group to seek justice and to focus on systemic change to the child welfare system in British Columbia.

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