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SAVE THE DATE - Métis Nation BC 2020 Provincial Elections

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Surrey, BC (April 1, 2020) - On March 17, 2020, the Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) Governing Assembly (MNGA) passed a motion that set the date of the MNBC Provincial Election for September 10, 2020.  This announcement is to serve its citizens a SAVE the DATE notice in advance of the official notice that will be posted by the Chief Electoral Officer in the coming weeks.   


To ensure that you are eligible to vote or run in this election you must ensure that you are an MNBC Citizen and, if already registered, that your current and most up to date information is on file with MNBC Citizenship Registry.  This is vital for the Chief Electoral Officer when mailing your MAIL-IN BALLOT, or if you wish to become a potential candidate

The Chief Electoral Officer will provide further notice, nomination information, forms, and submission details to citizens and potential candidates in the weeks to follow. 

Check the following to ensure you are ready for this election:

>>> Does your card need to be replaced or renewed?  Renewing or replacing your card is required in order to ensure you receive the appropriate information etc. regarding the upcoming MNBC Election.  Click HERE to request a renewal or replacement of your Provincial MNBC Citizenship Card.

>>> Does your card reflect your current BC residential address?  Click HERE to update your address.

>>> Does the MNBC Citizenship Registry have your current BC mailing address if different from your residential address? i.e. PO BOX # Click HERE to update your address.

>>> Are you a registered Citizen?  If you haven’t applied for Citizenship, APPLY TODAY

*** COVID-19 Public Advisory from MNBC Citizenship Registry

If you are uncertain as to the status of your MNBC Citizenship or Citizenship card, please contact the MINISTRY of CITIZENSHIP & REGISTRY in your region today!  Still unsure?  Contact our central registry department online for assistance.   

DEFINITIONS as per the MNBC Electoral Act:


3.18 “Métis Citizen” is a Métis person as defined in the Constitution and listed in the central registry;

3.7 “Chief Electoral Officer” means a contractor appointed in writing after final approval of the Métis Nation Governing Assembly. The Métis Nation British Columbia Board of Directors is charged with developing a call for proposals and shortlisting potential contractors to operate Elections for the Métis Nation British Columbia. This shortlist will be presented to the MNGA for final approval of the successful Chief Electoral Officer;

3.10 “Election(s)” means an Election or By-Election called by the Métis Nation British Columbia for the Election of a President, Vice President, Regional Directors, Chairperson and Regional Youth Representative of Métis Youth of British Columbia, and Chairperson and Regional Representatives of the Métis Women of British Columbia as set out in the Métis Nation British Columbia Constitution.

3.17 “Mail-in ballot” means a vote that is cast by an Elector and delivered by mail or courier to the location or individual designated by the Chief Electoral Officer in accordance with SubArticle 5.6 herein;

3.14 “Elector” means a Métis citizen who, pursuant to the Métis Nation British Columbia’s Constitution, is no less than 18 years of age as of the date of the Election, has been registered as a Métis citizen pursuant to the Métis Nation British Columbia Citizenship Act and has resided in British Columbia for a minimum of twelve (12) months for a provincial office or six (6) months for voting in regional offices. Any female Métis citizen who is eighteen (18) years of age or older may vote or seek elected office within the Métis Women of British Columbia. Any Métis citizen who is between fifteen (15) years of age and thirty (30) years of age may vote or seek elected office within the Métis Youth of British Columbia.

3.3 “Ballot” or “ballot” means a paper or document representing a vote by an Elector and means vote where the context so dictates;

3.6 “Candidate” means a person who is nominated and qualified to compete for an office in the Métis Nation British Columbia Election for President, Vice-President, Regional Director, Chairperson and Regional Youth Representative of Métis Youth of British Columbia and Chairperson and Regional Representatives of the Métis Women of British Columbia;

About MNBC

Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) represents nearly 90,000 self-identified Métis people in BC.  To date, 20,000 Métis Citizens are provincially registered with MNBC. The Métis National Council and the Provincial Government of British Columbia, as well as the Federal Government of Canada, recognize Métis Nation British Columbia as the Governing Nation for Métis in BC.

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